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ABOUT POLICY MEASURES is an open development resource for information related to the design, use and analysis of policies and measures for the environment.

The scope and detail of the content in this resource is formatted to target a range of interests from the casual browser to the specialist modeller. The site was launched in a beta testing phase and has been extended and developed moderately since that initial launch. Presently the site is viewed as a complete framework for content development, but the level of content remains a challenge for the future phases of work. In the main navigation bar above you can jump straight to the browsing menus for the policy measures database, the related reading resources section, and a detailed search menu.

The Air and Climate Challenge

Ireland faces many environmental policy challenges under a variety of European Directives and Decisions. The targets we face are aimed at reducing negative impacts on citizens and our environment. is currently focusing on the challenge of meeting our targets relating to emissions of climate and air pollutants. Ireland’s emissions pathway and associated targets are shown below.

CO2e National


These represent emissions from Ireland’s Non-ETS sectors.


The chart shows Ireland’s gap to target after the full application of all  flexibilities available. These are the “One-off ETS allowance” and “LULUCF credit”. 


Nitrogen Oxides. NOx has been associated with adverse human health and respiratory impacts, contributes to acidification and eutrophication of soil and water, is an ozone precursor and is a source of PM through reactions with other pollutants.


Ammonia. NH3 presents the greatest challenge to Ireland’s compliance with the NECD. Agriculture activities are the main source for emission of this pollutant.


Fine Particulate Matter. PM2.5 is a key source of human health impacts. The EEA have estimated that approximately 1150 premature deaths in Ireland in 2017 are attributable to exposure to poor air quality.


Sulphur Oxides. SOx is an acid precursor that contributes to the acidification and eutrophication of soil and water.


Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds.

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