Our goals


Policymeasures.com is an initiative of EnvEcon, under the auspices of the Integrated Modelling Project of Ireland. The IMP Ireland project is principally-funded by the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland under the STRIVE programme 2007-2013, with co-funding from EnvEcon.

The simple objective of this resource is to provide an intuitive accessible framework for sharing evidence and information relating to environmentally focused policies and measures. Over time it is hoped that this persistent web based resource will grow to encompass a broader range of evidence in an increasingly detailed manner. The defined reporting structure for policies and measures will work to control and conform submissions such that the accessibility and organisation of information is protected over time.

A major aspect of the resource is the specific attention given to the modelling of policies and measures for environmental policy. As participants in this field of research will know, the way in which policies and measures are handled in the development of environmental policy is of critical importance. Through establishing a central persistent forum for sharing evidence on policies and measures and insights on associated modelling methodologies, it is hoped that the policymeasures resource can support greater exchange of information and understandings, and ultimately move research toward a higher level of harmonisation.